Just HODL For Passive Rewards

  • Token Reflect

  • Auto-Liq

  • Auto-Burn

  • Buyback & Burn

Launched 9/6/2021

Staking pools now open!

Why choose Icedoge?
Rewards automatically sent directly to your wallet with every transaction.

ICEDOGE SUPER LOW 4% FEE*, 100 million total supply, BEP-20 token on BSC

Dynamic burning mechanism to reduce circulating supply when liquidity drops*

Features a PERPETUAL buyback and burn feature for both tokens, this creates an ever rising price floor over time.

This is also a DeFi sidekick token to $ICEBRK (Icebreak-r.com), a community with over 4800 holders!

New lower dynamic tax at only 4%*:

  • 1% reflect to holders 💎
  • 1% auto liquidity 💧
  • 1% burn 🔥
  • 1% to dev+buyback and burn 💒👨‍💻🤑

*Dynamic token burning- if the price drops below a set point the burn tax raises to 5% (total 8% tax)! 🔥




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Fund distribution
Pancakeswap LP
Cake Yield Farming
Project Development
Token distribution
40% Presale
20% Liquidity
15% ICEDOGE Staking
10% Team (locked)
10% Reserve (locked)
5% Marketing
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Q3 2021

Presale Launch – Staking Pools – Whitepaper – ICEDOGE Merch

Early Q4 2021

Apply for CMC and CG – Begin ICEDOGE NFT Comic Series

Late Q4 2021

ICEDOGE game development

Q1 2022

ICEDOGE DAO Formation – swap.icebreak-r.com integration

Q2 2022

NFT Avatar Series

Q3 2022


Q4 2022+

Expansion into VR and Augmented Reality

  • Early Q4 2021Apply for CMC and CG – Begin ICEDOGE NFT Comic Series
  • Q1 2022ICEDOGE DAO Formation – swap.icebreak-r.com intergration 
  • Q3 2022ICEDOGE NFT Gaming
  • Q3 2021Presale Launch – Staking Pools – Whitepaper – ICEDOGE Merch
  • Late Q4 2021ICEDOGE game development
  • Q2 2022NFT Avatar Series
  • Q4 2022+Expansion into VR and Augmented Reality 

Trade ICEDOGE Seamlessly on BSC

Anonymous DeFi Transactions

Global Decentralized Network
Our Team
CEO Founder, Development Lead

Just Chillin

COO Head of Product Operations

Frequently Questions

Staking will be available immediately at launch for ICEDOGE and xICEBRK tokens. We will add various other staking pools over time.

4% Transfer Tax:

  • 1% reflected to holders
  • 1% to liquidity
  • 1% to burn wallet
  • 1% to buyback and burn / Dev

Yes, we will be applying for CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko immediately upon launch and meeting their criteria

ICEDOGE is the sidekick token to ICEBRK.  They will share a liquidity pool as well as other DeFi staking protocols.  ICEDOGE will buyback and burn ICEBRK and xICEBRK in addition to our native token.

Liquidity will be locked immediately after launch for 6mo.  We will also be time-locking our team tokens and reserve tokens.

1% of all transactions go to our buyback and burn wallet. ICEDOGE will also be yield farming CAKE to fund the majority of the buybacks.

ICEDOGE has an extremely limited token supply with no inflation, which is continually burned through our dynamic burning mechanisms. This combined with our regular buyback and burns will continually raise the price floor of the Automated Market Maker(AMM). By leveraging our steady revenue streams from yield farms the project will always have funding even in slow periods.

xICEBRK is a BEP-20 derivative token that is backed by ICEBRK token pools. It has an adjustable burn rate but will initially have a 0% transfer tax. You can earn xICEBRK through staking ICEDOGE, then stake xICEBRK to earn CAKE from our staking contract.

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